1. It is necessary for the students to have computer with camera and a microphone for the presentation, and good and secure internet connection.
  • The computer needs to have a Windows operating system, at least Windows 7 for better platform support.
  • It is not allowed for one student to be connected to a computer and a telephone at the same time. Presentations take place exclusively from a computer.
  • The platform detects the switched-on telephone within 5 meters of the computer, so the students with the switched-on telephone will bear the consequences.
  • The complete competition will be recorded, and the obligations of the commissions are to review the recording after the completed student presentations and based on any disrespect, to make the final grade.
  • All non-compliance, depending on their severity, will be sanctioned by deducting points until disqualification.
  • Also, if there is a non-compliance with the propositions during the presentations by all those who do not present their work at that time, and are present and listen to the presentations, the organizer will exclude them from the platform.
  • In case of problems with the internet connection or other technically justified reasons, contact the organizers via the platform from a computer or telephone.