1. All participants (students, leaders, visitors, etc.) shall obey all that is stipulated in the Statutes and Regulations of the ICYS. Especially note what is written about the exchange of documents between the LOC and the teams of the participating countries, the deadlines and the procedure for the presentations. The latest versions can be found on the lokal website and on the international website:

2. A time schedule is set for the presentations which will be maintained strickly especially with respect to the start. Anyone who does not show up on time will be considered to have dropped out of the competition.

3. During the presentation of the research work a qualified computer (see the technical requirements) is used. No other communication device may be used in the same time. By non-compliance, depending on their severity, will be sanctioned varying from deducting points untill disqualification. The camera and microphone of the computer are switched on during the presentation untill after the question-and-answer-session with the jury.

4. During the presentation of the research work, the student who does the presentation is the only person in the room/classroom. No one else is allowed entrance.

5. Only after the presentation (at maximum 15 minutes) the jury members turn on their microphones for the question-and-answer-session.

6. The presentation can be viewed by anyone who is interested by means of the platform.

7. The whole competition will be recorded, and the commissions are obligated to review it after all student’s presentations are completed and to make the final evaluation.

8. If there is a non-compliance by the listeners with the propositions during the presentations, the organizer will exclude them from the platform.

9. In case of any problem with the internet connection or for other technically justified reasons, please contact the organizers via the platform using computer or telephone.

10. Team leaders must send a filled in GDPR consent for all minor participants.