SCHEDULE AND DEADLINES ICYS 2021                                                      ONLINE
1Final registration, with the final names of the student participants15thMarch  2021
2Deadline for abstract submission25thMarch  2021
3Delivery of 30-second video material, presentation of each participant for the opening ceremony. 30th March 2021
4Delivery of video material lasting 3 minutes, for each country for cultural performance. 30th March 2021
5Allocation of credentials to all participants,       Obtaining instructions for logging in to the platform05th April  2021
7Deadline for registration fee payment09th April  2021
8PDF poster, needed for poster presentation 10th April  2021
9General rehearsal of making tests on platforms10th April  2021
Posting a Powerpoint-presentation of the research work and a poster-presentation on the platform
10th April  2021
11Abstract book on the official site15th April  2021
12Opening ceremony23thApril  2021
13Poster presentation23thApril  2021
14Presentations by scientific areas  I24thApril  2021
15 Presentations by scientific areas  II25thApril  2021
16Cultural performance25thApril  2022
17Closing ceremonies26th April  2021
18Awards ceremony 26th April  2021